Hi there! My name is Pamela Magowan, and Vostro Design was started by me as a freelance initiative to help people like you achieve your vision for your business. I majored in Graphic Media at Rochester Institute of Technology and learned more about graphic design theory and different applications used in the graphic communication industry. Graphic design is not the only field I became mesmerized by—when I did an internship with NexPress/Kodak, I enjoyed working with direct mailing, which involves personalized information. I then decided to continue on to graduate school, majoring in Print Media, to learn more about issues and trends happening in the printing and publishing industry.

After graduation, I went on to work for Global Printing, Inc. in Alexandria, VA as a Digital Operations Coordinator for a few years. It was fun to work in such a dynamic environment and embrace different trades such as: graphic design, pre-prepress work, direct mailing, and operating digital presses. I then moved to Fairport, NY to be with my husband and started a family. I am currently working from home as a senior graphic designer for Pixos Print and is a stay-at-home mom. So that’s how Vostro Design was created!

Quick and Fun Facts about Pamela!

Why did you decide to start a side business?
I want to help clients grow their business, along with their visions by providing my services—I know it is important to have a positive image and impeccable reputation.

How did you come up with the name Vostro Design?
I was playing with the idea of how I would translate my client’s visions and help them realize their ideas visually in print or e-media; after all, I am only helping with the design part, they are your visions. Therefore, if you were my client, I’m basically handing over the design concept to you. Vostro means “your” in Italian; so it seemed the perfect twist for my business name.

What is your favorite part in being a Graphic Designer?
There are many reasons I enjoy my job, but one important reason is the joy I gain from watching a client get excited about their completed project.

What do you do for fun?
I love traveling and hiking! I have traveled the country, including Hawaii and Grand Canyon National Park in AZ. Visiting places which are breathtaking are exhilarating to me;  I love taking photographs of landscapes, so I can always have reminders of those spectacular times.